Raising kids has been compared to riding a roller coaster; each stage has its ups and downs! We are blessed to be at a congregation filled with others who are on the same roller coaster or who have recently completed the ride. Connections through classes and community groups provide a lot of comfort and wisdom while raising our children as well as help to normalize our situations. I commend you as parents for the job that you are doing and encourage you as you are raising up the next generation of our church. As the youth ministry of South Plains, our goals are to partner with you and to help equip you with tools to raise children with strong faith. Below is a list of online resources that may be valuable to you as parents (links will open in a new window). –Home Word Christian resources directed by Jim Burns — Center for Parent/Youth Understanding — Focus on the Family — Excellent resource on youth culture written by teens — Youth Specialties Ministry Resources — Movie and Entertainment Reviews –Advice for common and not so common family issues.

If we can be of assistance to you in any way please let me know.

Recommended Books and Resources for Parents and Families

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