19 thoughts on “Events/Forms

  1. Connor Wheeler says:

    Nevermind. I will not be able to go to Share Him this Tuesday. I am in the Lubbock Swim Club and they have practice that morning so unfortuanatly I will not be able to go. Hopefully I can go next week!

  2. Samantha Wheeler says:

    this share him is going to be so much fun and i am so excited about going to Vandelia . Trent, I might not be able to go on wensday and thursday because of trassportation issues.HELP ME!!! 😦

  3. spyministry says:

    Hey Samantha,
    Let me know what we can do to help. We can probably pick you up if you need us to. Just let us know!

  4. Rachael Bailey says:

    We should have a Ski trip again…
    I think it would be a great get-away in the middle of the school year.

    Let’s plan on Christmas Break sometime before New Years (Jacob’s getting married on Jan. 1st so anytime before that is good with me)

    Alright sounds good.

    I’ll even make the announcements and forms.
    thanks for your co-operation


    Look foward to seeing you on the slopes MKatt and Trent!

  5. spyministry says:

    Abbey–It will be at Freebirds (Next to Rudy’s and Guitar Center) at 11:45 this Thursday!

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